St John Bosco Arts College


St John Bosco Arts College

£374.40 of £1,040.00 target

18 tickets

18 tickets of 50 ticket goal

Next draw prizes

£25,000.00 JACKPOT

£5.40 Guaranteed Prize (this will go up as tickets are sold)

Next draw date

01 June 2024

2d 17h 34m

Draw results

£25,000 Jackpot

1 1 7 5 5 7

£5.40 - won by Ms B (Liverpool)

8 7 9 2 6 3
Sat 25 May 2024

About our school

We are delighted to introduce the St John Bosco Arts College Bosco Lotto! Our lottery has been established with the objective of bringing our community together and making a difference for our children.

At St John Bosco Arts College, we believe in the power of togetherness to inspire growth in faith, hope, and love. Our mission is for everyone in the St John Bosco family to go out into the world with cheerfulness, sharing love, knowledge, and kindness.

The Bosco Lotto is an excellent opportunity for families, teachers, support staff, and the wider community to join hands with our school in pursuit of a common goal. By participating, you not only stand a chance to win exciting prizes but also contribute to the betterment of our school community. Funds raised will be utilised to provide additional resources, improve the school environment, and run extracurricular activities such as music, art, and sports.

Your support is invaluable to us, and we look forward to your participation in the Bosco Lotto. Together, let's inspire each other to flourish in faith, hope, and love, and spread love, knowledge, and kindness wherever we go.

The St John Bosco Team 

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How the lottery works

£1 per ticket

That's right, unlike many other lotteries, our lottery tickets are only £1 per week.

Help us do more

For every ticket you play, 74.2% goes to our school and prizes.

£25,000 grand prize

Match all 6 numbers and you win the JACKPOT!

Society information

Promoted by: St John Bosco Arts College

Address: St. John Bosco School, 61 Storrington Avenue, Liverpool, L11 9DQ

Registered with: Liverpool City Council

Registration number: SSL0216

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