Your School Lottery is a fun and effective way for your school to raise funds. Joining is easy and FREE. Send your supporters to your very own Your School Lottery page and collect 40% of all ticket sales made.

All supporters will get the chance to win amazing cash prizes every week. Including a jackpot prize of £25,000. All for just £1 per week. See our prize breakdown below:

Prize tier Amount
JACKPOT £25,000
1 30% of ticket sales

The draw will take place every Saturday night with results posted on our website, Facebook and Twitter. Winners will be advised directly, so if you don’t have the time to check who’s won, we’ll let you know.

Signing up is FREE and takes less than a minute. Once signed up we will:

  • Build your school page on the Your School Lottery website.
  • Provide you with personalised marketing materials to send out to your supporters and school community.
  • Support you with guides, tips, email and phone assistance.

You will receive 40% of all ticket sales from supporters that sign up on your page. Your funds will be transferred into your bank account every month.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. No set-up fees, no administration, no hassle. Once your page is live, all you need to do is shout about Your School Lottery to your supporters and community. You will need a Small Societies Lottery license to start a lottery with us, please see the FAQs for more information.

Can I join?

Any school operating within the UK can apply*, just sign up using the link below.

You will also receive:

  • Weekly updates on the progress of the lottery and the supporters who’ve chosen to support you.
  • Regularly updated and personalised marketing materials.
  • Access to an online dashboard so you can see real time statistics on supporters who’ve chosen to support you.
  • A monthly payment of your funds direct to your bank account with an accompanying report.

* Exclusions apply; see Terms & Conditions for details