Win a family ticket to Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio's Tour!

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Family Ticket to Harry Potter Studio's Tour!

That's right! As well as knowing you're supporting YOUR school AND a weekly chance to win up to £25,000 sign up today and you could also win a family ticket to Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio's Tour.

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Help your school. Win prizes.

Your School Lottery create and run lotteries for UK schools. Our goal is to help schools raise money through their local communities to improve educational facilities for their children.

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Why choose us?

Unlike other national scale lotteries, we operate at a local school level; so every penny of school profit raised goes straight back to your school. We believe in the good old fashioned principle of "raising money within your local community, for your local community".

Why parents love us.

Parents know their children benefit directly from their support regardless of who wins. We guarantee a winner in every school community every week, PLUS because of our scale, we are also able to provide a weekly £25,000 grand prize draw too!

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