To help explain what we do and how it helps schools we've created the video below. In it we let one of our amazing schools tell you about their Your School Lottery experience!

Why should I enrol my school?

As parents ourselves we have 1st hand experience of how much work is involved in school fundraising so we decided to help by setting up Your School Lottery. We are here to help you efficiently and effectively raise money!

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Lotteries are an extremely effective way of raising money for good causes, but also a complicated and time consuming activity to both set up and keep running.

We provide an easy, hassle free way to set up and run your own school lottery.

Does it work?

YES IT DOES! 1 in 4 schools in the UK now have their own lottery and they average an 85% parent participation level. Of schools that don't currently have lotteries, more than 8 out of 10 parents say that they would support their PTA if they had one. Furthermore, on average they loved the idea as they knew their money would be going to a cause that would benefit their own children and other children in their community whether they won or not.*

What are the risks?

Enrolling your school involves no risk, no cost and no administration involved in running the activity.

We don’t use any of your school’s money to guarantee any of the prizes. In fact the only cost you might have to pay is £40 to your Local Authority for a permit (which you probably already have to run your raffles).

How much will my school receive?

Compared to the National Lottery who only pass on 28%, and the Health Lottery who give a miserly 20.2% of takings to good causes; we at Your School Lottery are extremely proud to say we put both of them to shame by promising a minimum PTA contribution of 40%. That's virtually DOUBLE the Health Lottery and over 42% more pence in the pound than what the National Lottery do. What's more, this is YOUR school lottery so YOUR SCHOOL gets ALL of it!

How much will it cost my PTA/school to run?

Nothing! The school doesn't pay to get set up and doesn't pay to run it either. The entire service we provide is totally free for schools. The only thing your PTA/school may have to pay for is a Local Authority Licence; however most schools don't need to apply as they already have one and use it to run their raffles. If a licence is required, it's typically only £40 and is paid directly to the Local Authority (and we even help fill that application in for you as well!).

What do I need to do to enrol?

Step 1:

Simply click on "Join us" towards the top of this page and register your charity with us.

Step 2:

Follow the on screen instructions and tell us who cheques need to be made out to and give us a bit of information to help tailor your communication materials.

Note: Don't worry if you don't have a Local Authority Licence. We'll help complete this for you so you simply post it to your Local Authority with their fee (typically £40).

Step 3:

We send you all the materials that you need to send out to parents and members of the school community. This can be both as printable information leaflets and email-able PDF attachments.

Step 4:

Shout about it!

What next?

JOIN US! Joining is easy. If you're a member of the school's PTA and want to support your school by raising more money AND create an enjoyable experience for parents then join us now by clicking the button below:

Need to talk to the PTA first? No problem, if you'd like some leaflets to take to the next meeting just click below and we'll send you some.

* - Leadership factor survey 1000 respondents - June 2013


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