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We Have A Jackpot Winner!

15 June 2020

We have a winner!

One lucky supporter from Canterbury Academy in Kent was delighted to find out that they'd won the top prize in our draw on 13th June. But this isn't just good news for the winner, the school they support is also celebrating this week. The winner of the £25,000 jackpot has generously decided to share a portion of his winnings with Canterbury Academy! Here's what they had to say about it:

"To actually win a jackpot has been amazing! Not only will it mean taking a very nice holiday, but I am able to donate a sizeable amount back to my school to help in areas where they did not have the funds.”

"Being part of Your School Lottery has been a great way to raise extra funds for our school. On top of this by taking part in the draw you have the added interest of winning prizes.”

This windfall for Canterbury Academy comes on top of the almost £10k that the school has already raised through Your School Lottery. The funds are being used for school improvements including recycling facilities, playground markings and an outdoor gym.

There's never been a better time to start a school lottery because you can fundraise online, without any face-to-face contact with your school community. Your School Lottery enables you to raise money all year round, even during school holidays. Start your lottery here:






Our schools are on track to raise £1,946,172.80 this year

67.58% Complete

93,566 tickets of our 138,444 ticket goal

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Our schools are on track to raise £1,946,172.80 this year

67.58% Complete

93,566 tickets of our 138,444 ticket goal