Q: What materials do you provide to help my school promote its lottery?

A: We provide your school with its own tailored communication materials. These will be professionally prepared PDF's which can be attached to e-mails that are sent out to parents, staff and other members of your extended school community. Our materials can also be printed and posted on noticeboards. We also provide you with your own dedicated webpages on our website for your school's supporters to sign up, check results and see how much money is being raised.

Q: How do winners find out that they've won?

A: Every week, all winners in every school will be advised by e-mail. Cheques will then be sent via post automatically. Winning numbers will also be published on our website each week following the draw.

Q: How do I know how well my school's fundraising is doing?

A: Every month we send your school a newsletter which provides you with all the details. It tells you, how many supporters you have, who they are, how many tickets are being sold each week, how much money has been raised and how much and who has won.

Q: Who deals with any questions my supporters have?

A: We do. We have a dedicated support number (01865 582828) that deals directly with any queries your supporters have.

Q: If my school gets 40p per entry, where does the other 60p go?

A: The 60p gets divided into two. 36p is used to support the prizes and the remaining 24p is used to administer the lottery itself.

Q: What administration does the school/PTA need to do?

A: We provide a full administration service. Lottery return forms need to be sent to the Local Authority 3 months after each draw. We will prepare all of the documentation every other month for you to simply sign and forward on.

Q: What else does the school need to do once they've signed up?

A: Shout about it! All the school needs to do is tell everyone about it and use the communication materials we provide! We do all the routine administration for your school.


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