Fun and effective school fundraising

Your School Lottery can help you with all year round school fundraising, even through the school holidays. With just 50 tickets a week you can fundraise in excess of £1,000 every year. Your supporters can WIN guaranteed cash prizes every week plus a chance to WIN our £25,000 jackpot. Supporters are happy even if they don’t win because they know they’re making a difference.

Sign up and get your own school lottery page

Your online school lottery hosted on our website. Phone, email and social media support for you and your supporters.

No set-up costs

There are no hidden charges, no minimum player numbers and no set-up costs.

Raise money

40% of ticket proceeds go to your school funds plus 34.2% towards cash prizes. Supporters can pay monthly or make a one-off payment, by Direct Debit or debit card.

Great prizes for your supporters

We notify the winners and distribute prizes for you.

Marketing help

Bespoke regular marketing materials to promote your fundraising lottery. We provide regular offers and non-cash prizes to help attract players.


Online dashboard and email reports for you to monitor your fundraising lottery.

Need to chat to the PTA or Governors first? No problem.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What administration does the school/PTA need to do?

We do all the administrative work.

You will need to tell the local authority about your lottery draws. We will prepare all of this documentation for you, you just need to sign it and forward to the Local Authority.

Q: If my school gets 40p per entry, where does the other 60p go?

36p is used to support the prizes and the remaining 24p is used to administer the lottery itself.

Q: Who deals with any questions my supporters have?

We do. We have a dedicated support number (01865 582828) that deals directly with any queries your supporters have.