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Start A School Lottery This Term & Win £250

02 September 2020

What does your school need right now? Whether you’re fundraising for basics like books, or little extras like Christmas gifts, we’re sure you’re keen to boost the coffers this term. That’s where we can help - Your School Lottery is the ONLY lottery organisation dedicated to helping schools and PTAs with year-round fundraising. Best of all, there’s no need for face-to-face events. With Your School Lottery everything is done online, so your lottery will always be generating income, even through the holidays!

Start a school lottery this term and you’ll be entered into a draw to win an extra £250 for your school (closing date 20th December 2020).

In a recent survey, 80% of schools with a lottery said that it had enabled them to maintain fundraising income during the coronavirus lockdown. Schools and PTAs said:

“We anticipate we will be unable to provide any of our autumn/ winter events, so the lottery really has been a godsend!”
“The Lottery has definitely maintained an income stream for us, as we may need to manage our expectations for what we can raise while we cannot do events.”

It’s easy to raise money online with Your School Lottery, just spread the word to your school community and watch the funds come in. With Your School Lottery you can raise over £1,000 a year with just 50 regular supporters. The entire service is totally FREE. Your supporters can WIN guaranteed cash prizes every week and they'll also have the chance to WIN our £25,000 jackpot. Supporters are happy even if they don’t win because they know they’re making a difference. Some winners even donate their prize money back to the school!

Launch your lottery and you’ll receive all this FREE:
• Your own lottery on our website
• 40% of ticket proceeds to your school, plus another 36% towards cash prizes
• Guaranteed cash prize for your supporters every week
• Chance to win £25,000 jackpot
• Personalised marketing materials
• Support via phone, email and social media
• Online dashboard and regular email reports

How can I launch a lottery and WIN £250 for my school?

Step 1: Go to and register your school.
Step 2: Set a launch date for your lottery
Step 3: Start selling tickets!
For more information or to tell us your launch date email [email protected] or phone 01865 58 28 28.

Our schools are on track to raise £2,006,950.40 this year

65.97% Complete

96,488 tickets of our 146,270 ticket goal

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Our schools are on track to raise £2,006,950.40 this year

65.97% Complete

96,488 tickets of our 146,270 ticket goal