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Boomtime For Online Fundraising

22 October 2020

Here at Your School Lottery we're pleased to report that school fundraising is rapidly adapting to the new normal. Never before have more schools turned to online fundraising as a method of boosting their income. From nurseries up to colleges, schools throughout the country have realised that online fundraising platforms like Your School Lottery, which require no face-to-face interaction, are perfect for generating income in a world with social distancing and other coronavirus precautions. 

The return to classrooms in September prompted most schools and PTAs to rethink their whole approach to fundraising. Sadly thousands of events that previously provide an invaluable source of funds for schools can no longer take place, but schools have been amazingly quick to adapt, and fundraising has made the move online. Social media and the internet are opening up fundraising opportunities that many schools have never considered before. Platforms like Your School Lottery enable schools and PTAs to launch, promote and market their fundraising efforts without ever having to come into contact with their supporters.

What's more, we're seeing that, despite facing personal challenges, parents and extended family are more willing than ever to support their school by buying lottery tickets. Of course the weekly cash prizes and the chance to win up to £25,000 are a great incentive! Already this year 8 people have scooped £25k each!

Your School Lottery is committed to helping schools establish their online fundraising presence. Any nursery/pre-school, primary school, secondary school, college, or PTA can sign-up for FREE. There's no risk, no hassle and virtually no admin. We'll give you your own webpage as well as free personalised marketing materials, all you have to do is spread the word! All profits from ticket sales go towards schools funds and cash prizes for your community. Every school that joins Your School Lottery this term will be entered into a special draw with the chance to win an extra £250 for your school funds. What are you waiting for?


Our schools are on track to raise £2,014,480.00 this year

68.44% Complete

96,850 tickets of our 141,513 ticket goal

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Our schools are on track to raise £2,014,480.00 this year

68.44% Complete

96,850 tickets of our 141,513 ticket goal