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Another Double Jackpot!

06 October 2020

You may think that jackpots are few and far between, but it’s happened again!

Back in January we had two jackpot winners in one draw, and the same thing happened again this week. On Saturday night we had another double jackpot! Not one but two lucky players scooped the big prize. Unlike other lotteries, with Your School Lottery the winners don’t have to share the jackpot – they actually win £25,000 each!

There have been EIGHT jackpot winners so far this year. The winning players were supporting the following schools:

  • Luddenham School, Faversham
  • St Matthews CE Primary School, Bordon
  • Manor School, Didcot
  • Alderman Bolton Primary School, Warrington
  • The Canterbury Academy, Whitstable
  • Amesbury CE Primary School, Wiltshire
  • Polam Hall School, Darlington
  • Plympton St Maurice Primary School, Plymouth

Cash prizes are not just good news for the winner, they often generously donate some or all of their winnings back to their school. So having a jackpot win at your school can mean a welcome boost for school funds. Our jackpot winner from The Canterbury Academy said:

“To actually win the jackpot has been amazing. Not only will it mean taking a very nice holiday, but I am also able to donate a sizeable amount back to our school to help in areas where they did not have the funds”

They say that things happen in threes, so maybe there’ll be another double jackpot soon. Every ticket is not only another chance to win, but it also helps raise valuable school funds!


Our schools are on track to raise £2,015,644.80 this year

68.43% Complete

96,906 tickets of our 141,613 ticket goal

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Our schools are on track to raise £2,015,644.80 this year

68.43% Complete

96,906 tickets of our 141,613 ticket goal