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And Another Jackpot!

12 April 2022

For the second time is as many weeks, a lucky supporter has won the £25,000 jackpot!


Mrs Parker, a supporter of St Nicholas' PTA, was "over the moon" to hear that she'd matched all 6 numbers to win the huge prize in last Saturday's draw. She said:


"I was totally shocked to find out that I had won the jackpot on the school lottery! I signed up in January just to support the school and didn't really consider I would ever win anything, let alone the jackpot!  I thought it was a joke to start with and had to check I was reading the amount properly!  I have never won anything like that before and always wonder if anyone ever really does....well now I know real people do win!  Amazing...thank you!!"


Jackpots aren't just good news for the winner: the school can benefit too! Like many supporters that have been lucky enough to scoop the big one, Mrs Parker has generously decided to donate a portion of her winning back to the school - so everyone wins! 


And it's no wonder, when she had such lovely things to say about St Nicolas' PTA:


"The PTA do such an amazing job at providing the children with wonderful extracurricular experiences and help create really special memories for the children.  To me, these are just as important as the education they go to school for.  All of the extra things that they organise for the children makes our school a very special place and my children have such lovely experiences at school as a result"


What a lovely sentiment - we're absolutely thrilled for Mrs Parker, for St Nicolas' PTA, and for the wider school! She also had one last bit of advice for anyone who might be thinking about playing Your School Lottery:

"Sign up!"


Our schools are on track to raise £2,007,200.00 this year

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96,500 tickets of our 163,022 ticket goal

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Our schools are on track to raise £2,007,200.00 this year

59.19% Complete

96,500 tickets of our 163,022 ticket goal